And then there are those sleepless nights Burying you in the same trail of thoughts- How could you inexorably fall in love with the person who doesn’t even acknowledge your mere existence… thekrabbywriter

3 a.m.

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Lazy afternoons

Lying in the bed until late Getting up and finding you Sitting there reading another book You come towards me Give a sunshine bright smile And I hide behind the covers again And sleep.. Oh .. how lovely these afternoons would be..


Have you ever just woken up in the morning  Feeling so tired like you haven’t been sleeping all night  But fighting this war in your head  That no one else knows about And you smile like nothing is happening Like nothing is breaking you inside Like the sadness is not reaching to every cell  In your  body…


There’s a certain kind of a charm  While you sit at a roadside cafe  And watch the passers by  You see the world from a weird angle .. Talks, you don’t understand  People you don’t know.. But still you feel the love around.. And that my friend Is why we are here.. To give the love..And to…


Hospitals scare me a lot..  It’s heart breaking to see people  Sitting there in the benches Despsparately waiting for news any news- good or bad Because fear of the unknown is killing  them inside. .. -Karman Kaur 

Give some time

They say not to take their jokes so seriously.. You can’t say it feels like a punch in the gut.. For them it is their friendly nature  But for you,  it is definitely not. You break yourself down every night And pull the mess together the other day.. Oh that’s so beautiful  Yes you are beautiful they say….

Hide and seek

What are you hiding from ? What do you fear ? What do you think will happen if people know its you?  What’s the shame in being who you are? Why fear to share a part of your soul? Be true. Be you  – Karman Kaur Hie ..   Now it’s gonna be me.. as…

This is your climb

What’s in a name? Even yours can shake the world Why do you crave fame? Just your deeds could change the world.. Why so selfish? Try being a little kind.. Why this jealousy?  Is Something going on in your mind.. Why do you wait for a bigger opportunity? This could be your time.. Stop listening to other people…..


  है वह बंधी एक पिंजरे की उड़ना चाहे नील गगन में रोक कर रखा है रिश्तो की डोर ने वरना उड़ जाती पल भर में प्यार बड़ा करती है उनसेरहती है सबके दिल मेंदेखना चाहती है अब दुनियाबस अटकी है एक उलझन में दर्द नहीं देना चाहती किसी कोपर रहना नहीं चाहती अब इस…

Steps of pain

This is how the pain is going to be 1. Heart wrenching in the start.. 2. Numb, somewhere in the middle… 3. Liberating in the end. So buddy, hold tight and hang on there..  There will come a day.. when you’ll be free.. @adinaroyallen