Stronger than your heart

6 a.m. in the morning As I lay in bed Looking at your side.. Wishing I would have tried a little more to stop  you But then again.. You had already decided.. You had made up your mind.. Your mind was stronger.. Stronger than yourheart I guess.. Advertisements

Like the sea

He was like the sea tempestuous, yet tempting.. Calling out to her And she… Attracted to his storm Dived into his arms.. Knowing that in the end she would be destroyed..  A.R.Allen

Lovely pair of eyes

I saw a lovely pair of eyes today..Filled with love and care..They searched the place and then rested upon him.. I saw the lovely pair of eyes today.. Walking Upto him.. Glistening with hope and excitement.. I saw the lovely pair of eyes today Talking to him..With a stinging feeling of pain.. I saw the…

Just Another Girl

She’s just a girl next door kind of a girl… Until you look a bit carefully.. Then she has a heart full of hopes Eyes lit with stars Hands dropping kindness And talks spreading smiles.. @adinaroyallen

Made for each other 

Made for each other They are not like those couples you see every day.. Well they are drowned in the love for each other, Still descending into it every day.. They fight, they cry, they hurt.. But their habits keep them together.. He loves to break hearts And She loves to get her’s broken.. @adinaroyalle…

A letter to her future lover

Buddy, I’ve made her laugh  I’ve held her when she cried.. I’ve seen her do both at the same time.. I’ve teased her..shocked her surprised Her and what not.. I know her inside out.. So when she’ll ask me  to help her hide a body.. I won’t hesitate.. Other than that.. we’re okay..  @adinaroyallen

The cherry red lipstick

Hey!! I had a great #first time experience at an open mic arranged by @platformforartists at lokmat bhavan here in aurangabad.. here’s the full piece I presented.. Let’s make some things clear One, I am an introvert Two, I like to dance so once in a while I really take the chance of putting my…


How sad it is That we hit the rock bottom  feel like there’s no tomorrow.. and still plaster a smile on our faces the next day.. I get it. It’s a defence mechanism. You don’t want to let them know  How much it has hurt you..  How hard you are fighting to keep it  together… But…


Eyes left open.. Blood trickling down his skull.. Into a nearby drain.. Wish the truck driver knew how much his first-born needed that blood.. @thekrabbywriter

World suicide prevention day 

If you are reading this.. just remember we are all here. .. we are listening.. #thekrabbywriter #suicide #prevention #2017 Follow @thekrabbywriter on @mirakeeapp #mirakee #poems #poetry  #writersnetwork #quotes #quote #writersofinstagram #stories #ttt #quoteoftheday #writersofig #writersofmirakee  #wordporn #writing #writer

The choice 

It’s difficult you know To choose between two books you were eagerly waiting to read  To choose between keeping mum or taking the lead To choose to be calm when things are bad To choose to be happy when you are sad To choose between rushing it or taking it slow To choose to wait for the…

Mirakee Lessons #1

Hello people!! I hope everything is fine around you, in fact I hope everything’s great! Mirakee app is one wonderful application that helps writers and poets to express their work in a more creative way. If you have been following my posts recently, you might have noticed that sometimes I share my post directly from MIRAKEE…